HOLIDAY HAPPY a few months late!

When starting a new blog today I discovered this one that was written on Thanksgiving.  Somehow I forgot to publish it.  My hope is you will enjoy it, a few months late. 💕


As I lay awake on Thanksgiving morning I am reminded of the many blessings we have been given this year.  Grace Goods Boutique has been open for a full year now.  What a year!

There is a huge learning curve that goes into owning a small mom and pop local business.  Our customers are our friends, our family and the people we do life with! I am thankful for each of you and your choice to shop local in our tiny piece of God’s goodness here in Willis, Texas.  Our goal as a company is to provide beautiful, unique, LOCALLY MADE products that support other business owners in our area.  Our candles, freshies, hand bags and several lines of clothing are made right here in Conroe, Texas and the surrounding communities. Some of our newest items are created right in our very own store! Working together as a family is a gift that I could have only dreamed of a few years ago.  I am thankful for my mother and father who helped get us started, for my husband who bales me out on those months (only two over the last 15 months, thankfully) where I was struggling to break even, and my sweet girls who are no longer babies.  Madi and Molly you are the inspiration for everything I do and I hope one day you get to be a “girl mom”.  It is the best job on earth! 

Over the course of the year my biggest blessing had been the greater realization of how much my sweet Jesus loves me even though I am less than perfect.  His grace and mercy are so plentiful.  He reminds me daily that  “You are worthy! You are redeemed! You are forgiven! You are a child of God!”  This holiday season my wish is that each of you know how much our Savior loves you.  Get into His word, listen to His calling on your life and show others His grace through your smile and small acts of kindness.  The works needs more Jesus right now.  Join me as we celebrate Him!